OREANDA-NEWS. In all public places in Japan, there will now be no smokers. The country has banned smoking in municipal and government offices, schools, pharmacies, hospitals and other institutions. The Japanese authorities explained the ban to the desire to protect citizens from passive smoking.

In these institutions eliminated all designated smoking areas. Many television channels have already broadcast the story, which tells how from the Tokyo office buildings and other institutions render special urns and ashtrays. Now, people suffering from bad habits need to move to the outdoor smoking area. In the courtyard between the walls of two buildings with the help of partitions for smokers will allocate a small area. If one of the smokers decides to break the new law, he will pay a huge fine - 300 thousand yen, or 2.8 thousand dollars.

Smoking in Japan is now permitted only in some restaurants, and then only in isolated rooms with a special hood. Smoking in small bars is also allowed, but as early as next spring, authorities may ban smoking in these establishments.