OREANDA-NEWS  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on November 11 in Paris, told reporters on Monday, Deputy Director General of the Department of Eurasia Israeli foreign Ministry Alex Ben-Zvi.

"It's all in the process. Whether there will be such meeting, I don't know yet. The situation with this event is complex in time, I can not name the format. They will meet 100% and will talk, but whether it will be at the table or something else is still unclear," Ben-Zvi told Russian journalists.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, speaking about the possibility of a meeting between Putin and Netanyahu in Paris, said that while the President's schedule provides only a conversation with his American counterpart Donald Trump, but it is possible to communicate "on feet."

Earlier, the Israeli media, citing a high-ranking source in the country's leadership, reported that Netanyahu is interested in meeting with Putin in Paris on November 11.

"While the schedule of stay in Paris provides for only one bilateral meeting, it is a meeting with President Trump, which is now in preparation. For the rest, it is planned that Putin will take part in memorial events, where, in fact, there will be an opportunity "on feet" to spread, as they say, a couple of phrases with other participants, including Netanyahu," Peskov told reporters, answering the question of whether a meeting with Netanyahu is possible.

He noted that the holding of a separate meeting will depend on the decision of the Russian President and the Prime Minister of Israel, but so far the schedule of such a meeting does not provide. "The fact is that on the eve of the President will not be able to come to France, he has other events planned, and on the day itself-there is a whole list of different events on the French side, so there is no understanding on this account," the press Secretary of the President added.