OREANDA-NEWS. Giuseppe Conte, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy, officially announced on the morning of Tuesday, January 26, the decision to leave his post, reports Corriere della Sera. He is expected to hand over his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella in the near future. The head of state will have to decide, whether to give Conte a chance to form a new government or organize new elections in the country.

Conte's plans to leave his post due to disagreements in the ruling coalition were announced on Monday. Italian media say, that Mattarella is leaning towards not holding elections, instructing Conte to form a government for the third time. First, however, the president intends to make sure, that the prime minister can count on a stable majority in parliament.

This time, Mattarella is expected to quickly consult with representatives of the Italian parties and announce his decision later this week. Conte has served as head of the Cabinet since the summer of 2018. According to many local media, the first populist government in Western Europe was formed under Conte's leadership.