OREANDA-NEWS. European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell visited Moscow on February 4-6 to discuss the case of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and relations between Russia and the EU in general. Many European politicians, diplomats and analysts called the results of the visit a disaster, a failure and a humiliation of European diplomacy.

Borrell, responding to sharp criticism, made a tough statement. He announced, that the Russian authorities do not want dialogue, and the EU should think about a response, including sanctions.

«The aggressive drama of the press conference and the expulsion of three EU diplomats during my visit show, that the Russian authorities did not want to use this opportunity for a more constructive dialogue with the EU», Josep Borrel wrote on his official blog.

The politician noted, that the European Union will have to draw conclusions, carefully consider the direction of relations with Russia and move forward, in a coordinated and decisive manner.