OREANDA-NEWS. Former Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Rumas has not been detained, but has left the country and is currently in London, the «Nasha Niva» newspaper reported on Monday, February 8.

«I'm not going to make any comments, I'm sorry. You have heard, that I am alive, not arrested, but I will not comment on anything. Thank you for being worried», Sergei Rumas said in response to a call from the newspaper's correspondent.

According to «Nasha Niva», the former head of the Belarusian government flew to the UK in early February for the birthday of his eldest son Valery, who holds the position of assistant director at the London branch of the Russian investment company «VTB Capital».

Almost a week ago, it became known about the detention of friends of the former prime Minister, as well as about the alleged questions of law enforcement officers to him. On February 3, Belarusian Telegram-channels reported, that Rumas himself may have been detained. The «Nexta» wrote, that the former prime minister is a person of interest in the corruption case against «Belagroprombank». All this time, he did not appear in the public space.

In August, Sergei Rumas cautiously supported mass protests against the rigging of the presidential election in Belarus: his wife posted a photo from a building window against the backdrop of a protest march at the Facebook-page. This photo was later deleted.

According to analysts, Alexander Lukashenko dismissed Rumas in 2020 because he was not sure about him.