OREANDA-NEWS. Kabul asked Washington to explain the words of US President Donald Trump that the United States could win the war in Afghanistan in a week.

The report on the website of the Office of the President of Afganistan says: “In consideration of the multifaceted relations between Afghanistan and the United States, the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan requests through diplomatic means and channels explanations regarding the statements of the US President at a meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan.”

Earlier on July 22 Trump at a meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that the United States could win the war in Afghanistan in a week and could destroy it in 10 days. Besides, Trump said that even at the moment he has plans for this country, but he just does not want to kill 10 million people.

In January, six-day consultations between representatives of Washington and the representatives of the Taliban (a Sunni Islamic fundamentalist political movement and military organization in Afghanistan) took place in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The parties concluded a peace agreement, according to which Washington would withdraw its troops from the country, and the militants would guarantee that they would not shelter terrorist groups in controlled territories in Afghanistan.

On February 28, it became known that the United States Department of Defence had prepared a plan for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in the next 3–5 years. The Pentagon discussed this plan with its allies in Europe, and they responded positively.