OREANDA-NEWS  Kiev refused to fully comply with the ceasefire in Donbass. This became known following the results of the latest videoconference of political advisers to the heads of the Normandy Four, which includes Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France.

A source from the Russian delegation reports that the refusal to comply with the ceasefire is stated in a letter sent by the deputy head of the Russian presidential administration Dmitry Kozak to his colleagues following the meeting. The document also says that the authorities of Germany, Russia and France intend to make efforts to ensure that the agreements are respected.

Earlier in March 2020, Kiev and Donetsk accused each other of violating the ceasefire in Donbass and repeated shelling of their positions from 18 to 19 March.

Relations between Kiev and Moscow deteriorated sharply after the reunification of Crimea with Russia in March 2014, as well as after the outbreak of the conflict in Donbass in April of the same year. Part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions declared independence. Kiev tried to return them by force, but to no avail. Ukraine accuses Russia of armed aggression and occupation of Crimea and regions of Donbass. Moscow does not consider itself a party to the conflict and rejects claims.