OREANDA-NEWS. A lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus in Russia will not happen, because the country has built a system to fight the infection. This was stated on October 12 by Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian President.

“The system has been built, it shows its effectiveness. Yes, the number of infected is growing, but the system works. We need to raise people’s self-awareness,” Kremlin spokesman said. According to him, a bed fund has been prepared, which “allows to receive a larger number of infected people and provides opportunities for more effective treatment.” Peskov stressed that there are no plans to introduce harsh measures, but the life and health of people are still matters of priority for the authorities.

Peskov pointed out that the official figures show a lower mortality rate compared to the spring. “On the whole, the mortality rate was lower than in other countries. […] All this allows us to be more flexible and to take into account the interests of the country’s economy to a greater extent and not go over to such harsh measures as a complete lockdown,” he explained.