OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov commented on the US sanctions against Russia and the promotion of NATO infrastructure to the East.

The range of my assessments of what is happening is from «an exercise in meaninglessness» to «the most dangerous game with matches», Lavrov said during the program «Big Game», which is broadcast in the «First Channel» in Russia.

The minister stressed, that the confrontation with the United States has reached the bottom, but he expects, that prudence in Washington will prevail. Lavrov added, that the US policy towards Russia in the form of sanctions and pressure lines has no chance of success. The Foreign Minister recalled, that anti-Russian sanctions began even before Barack Obama came to power. In fact, they never stopped, said politician.

«Like many other restrictions, they simply acquired a hypertrophied, idealized appearance since 2013, even before Ukraine», the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.