OREANDA-NEWS. Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, commenting on statements from the EU that the visit of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, to the Russian Federation ended with humiliation, recalled that the truly humiliation of the European Union took place in 2014, in the period of the crisis in Ukraine.

Lavrov said at a press conference on this matter: "With such a kind of turning point, when a coup d'etat took place in Ukraine, and the European Union showed its, by and large, helplessness in relation to the agreement that was reached right on the eve of the coup d'etat between the government and the opposition and under which were signed by Germany, France and Poland. The opposition did not give a damn about these signatures and the opinion of the European Union that it was necessary to fulfill this agreement. And I believe that it was then that the real humiliation of the European Union took place."

Borrell's visit to Moscow occured on February 4-6. While his visiting to the Russian capital, he met with Lavrov, as well as other representatives of main Russian public organizations. In Moscow, Borrell said that there are spheres in which the Russian Federation and the EU can and have to cooperate, since in this case really good results will be reached, and the EU, according to him, is ready for dialogue with Moscow, despite the difficulties in current relations. At the plenary session, the European Parliament heard reports on the results of Borrell's trip to the Russian Federation. The MPs condemned the visit, believing it a manifestation of the weakness of all European diplomacy. Borrel had to defend his visit to the MEPs.