OREANDA-NEWSThe leader of the ruling Polish party Law and Justice, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, believes that most of the 30,000 influence groups in the central bodies of the European Union are linked to Russia. He stated this in an interview with a weekly newspaper, fragments of which are published on Tuesday by the Polish media. Responding to a question about the outcome of the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, Kaczynski said that the Russian lobby in Brussels is very strong. “This influence will seem even more significant when we assess its scale and effectiveness from the point of view of the policies of individual states. The first and second Nord Stream are implemented jointly with Germany. It’s hardly possible to call French policy anti-Russian,” the politician said.

“If we evaluate this influence and look at Brussels as the EU’s autonomous political center, it influence is also very noticeable. Of the 30,000 different lobbying groups operating today at the headquarters of the European Union, most have either Direct Russian origin, or associated with the Russians, "- says Kaczynski.

“I see political groups operating in individual countries that are obviously connected to Moscow and receive its support. Ms. [Marin] Le Pen’s team is a good example of this. Therefore, the most important question is how far policy adjustments can go. such formations by the Kremlin, if they become a weighty force in the EU. In short, how strong are these ties and dependencies. I don't have detailed knowledge on this issue, so I will not continue to speculate, "said the leader of the ruling party in Poland.

According to Kaczynski, "the people of Moscow" operate in Poland. “If you ask me how I assess the political forces that scare people by the presence of American troops in Poland, then I see them in this context,” he said. According to him, people who criticize the deployment of the American military base in Poland and who call it occupation are on the side of the Russian Federation.