OREANDA-NEWSLebanese President Michel Aun hopes that Moscow will assist in the repatriation of Syrian refugees from the Republic of Lebanon. "We have faced the horrific economic consequences of the Syrian crisis and we strongly hope that the Russian Federation will assist us in returning Syrian refugees to their homes," said Aun at a meeting with State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. 

According to him, after the crisis in Syria, due to the influx of refugees, the population density in Lebanon increased by 500% - 600 people per square kilometer. There are about two million refugees in the country - 500 thousand Palestinian and one and a half million Syrian. He noted that Europe has a direct interest in resolving the situation, since the Syrian refugees in Lebanon are dissatisfied with the economic situation in the country and in the near future new and new waves of migrants to Europe will begin.

Also, the problem is complicated by the position of the United States, Washington connects the return of refugees to their homes with certain conditions. According to Aoun, Lebanon and Syrian refugees "became hostages of the United States."

Earlier, the president criticized Trump’s decision on the Golan Heights. Michel Aun called his decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights contrary to international law and is fraught with an escalation of social tension.