OREANDA-NEWS. Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland have signed several joint documents at once. In one of the agreements, Lithuania and Poland promise to make every effort for Ukraine's accession to NATO and the European Union. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba in a video message published on Facebook.

According to him, the meeting was held within the framework of the «Lublin Triangle» format. The foreign ministers of the three countries signed three documents. The first is a declaration on a common historical heritage and common values.

«Both Lithuania and Poland confirm in this declaration that they will make every effort to make Ukraine a member of NATO and the EU, support the Crimean platform, condemn the Russian aggression against our state», — Kuleba said.

The second document is the «roadmap» for the development of the «Lublin Triangle», which includes various issues from the economy to countering hybrid threats. The third agreement provides for a plan of measures to counter disinformation.

Earlier, Kuleba said that Russia may continue to create tension in the Black Sea. He believes that the Russian Federation can engage in provocations in the Black Sea, but is not ready for a big clash with NATO.