OREANDA-NEWS. The Minister of Health has been replaced in Belarus. In place of Vladimir Karanik, who became the governor of the Grodno Region, Dmitry Pinevich was appointed acting minister. The decision was made by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Karanik was the head of the Ministry of Health for about a year. On August 17, medical workers went to the building of the Ministry of Health with a demand to allow doctors to people detained during protest actions. Karanik came out to manifestants, but was booed, and under shouts of “Shame!” and “Resign!” he returned back to the building of the Ministry.

On August 19, President Alexander Lukashenko reappointed Karanik, like all other members of the cabinet. However, four days later, the head of state proposed Karanik’s candidacy for the post of governor of the Grodno Region.

Karanik's appointment took place against the backdrop of protest actions, since the previous regional authorities made concessions to the opposition; in particular, for several days they allowed all the actions and did not interfere with their holding. After the appointment of Karanik, the administration stopped doing so and began to detain protesters.