OREANDA-NEWS. The creation of the Coordination Council for the Transfer of Power in Belarus is nothing but an attempt to seize power in the country, Alexander Lukashenko said at a meeting with members of the Security Council.

“They demand neither more nor less than a transfer power to them. This means that we regard this unequivocally: it is an attempt to seize power with all the ensuing consequences,” the head of state said.

Lukashenko threatened to take measures to prevent a change of power in the country and “damp the hotheads down.” “I want to warn those who entered this headquarters that we will take adequate measures. But only according to the Constitution and the law. We have enough of these measures to damp some hotheads down,” the politician emphasized.

“The new element is an attempt to lull the authorities, and especially the power structures,“ Lukashenko said about the Coordination Council. According to the President, it included “open… Nazis,” as well as officials who are “offended” because of being resigned.