OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko invited heads of other states to visit Minsk and take part in the Victory Parade on May 9. “I publicly invite the heads of state, even if just the leaders of the former [Soviet. – Ed.] Union, to come to Minsk,” the politician said.

According to Lukashenko, it would be right to gather in Minsk, since this city is the capital of the republic, which was “wiped off the face of the earth,” and which “was the first to take a hit.“ Whether official invitations were made by the authorities of Belarus to the heads of other countries, Belarusian President did not specify.

Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced serious negative consequences that are possible due to the parade in Minsk. The official representative of the WHO in Belarus, Batyr Berdyklychev noted that a meeting at which it is impossible to ensure a distance from 1.5 to 2 meters increases the risk of transmission of the virus and may contribute to the further spread of the disease.