OREANDA-NEWS. Belarusian doctors who went abroad to earn money will no longer be able to return. According to the state news agency BelTA, this was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting on combating viral infections.

This is how the head of state reacted to the decision of Poland, which began to invite foreign physicians to cope with the epidemic of coronavirus of a new type. “They especially ask our doctors to come to Poland to help the population and the state in the fight against COVID. I want to warn: we have no spare doctors. We ourselves need to treat our people. But, following our principle, we will not keep anyone. However, they should understand that if you left, you will not come back, you will work there and earn the big money for which you left,” Lukashenko said. The President stressed that this is “not a threat, but an order for the government.”