OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko threatened to respond to countries that will impose sanctions against the republic.

“We will show them what sanctions are. If they (Poland and Lithuania. – Ed.) were patrolling through our country to China and Russia, now they will fly either through the Baltic or the Black Sea to trade with Russia and so on. As for sanctioned products, they shouldn’t even dream of them,” the politician said. Lukashenko added that “they became too choosy and forgot what Belarus is.” According to him, the republic has already faced sanctions and will be able to overcome new difficulties.

Belarusian leader informed that he has already instructed the government to submit a proposal to reorient all trade flows from Lithuanian ports to others. “So we'll see how they will live. 30 % of the Lithuanian budget is formed by our cargo traffic through Lithuania. […] We will cut them down to size,” Lukashenko stated.