OREANDA-NEWS. There are problems in the patriotic education of Belarusian youth, the President of the republic Alexander Lukashenko stated during a meeting with Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin.

According to the head of state, in the situation with the protest actions taking place in the country, the main problem is “the lack of real patriotism.” “First of all, it is actual for those (as we see among students) who did not serve in the Armed Forces, who did not taste this bread. True, there are some among those who did, but these are very few. Therefore, we have a big gap in patriotic education, and it should be eliminated,” Lukashenko said.

On October 27, Lukashenko demanded to expel all students who participated in the protest actions. Later, he said that he instructed to develop a mechanism to help restore students who were expelled for participating in protests. Lukashenko noted that there are “very talented people” among them.