OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that in fact, the West is simply lobbying for it's interests. By the method of hybrid pressure and asymmetric actions, Western forces, under the pretext of fighting for rights, achieve their economic and political interests. This is reported by BelTA.

At the CSTO summit, the Belarusian leader expressed a number of theses regarding methods of influencing countries pursuing an independent policy. He noted that «the struggle for someone's rights» is a screen for solving completely different tasks.

«But we are well aware that the real motive for such measures is the undisguised lobbying of their economic, and not only, interests», Lukashenko noted. The head of Belarus also emphasized that the West needs far-fetched pretexts that do not correspond to reality for sanctions.

Earlier, Alexander Lukashenko gave a description of the US policy. In his opinion, it is the attempt to «export democracy» that leads to a violation of international stability. In particular, the President noted that Afghanistan is a vivid example of the consequences of US activities.