OREANDA-NEWSThe military operation of Turkey in Syria, which began on October 9, gave Vladimir Putin and Moscow a strategic advantage in the Middle East. This conclusion was reached by experts interviewed by the American media.

In their view, Russia took advantage of the crisis to help Bashar al-Assad's troops take control of territories held by the Kurds, thereby strengthening the influence of the government army in Syria as a whole. The Kurdish YPG’s deal with Damascus and Moscow to protect the northern borders of Syria attacked by Turkish forces makes the Kremlin a leader in shaping the future of Syria and strengthens Putin’s image in the Middle East, experts say.

This is facilitated by Russia's partnership with Iran and Egypt, as well as the oil alliance with Saudi Arabia. Turkey launched Operation Source of Peace against Kurds in Syrian territory on October 9. Ankara announced the creation of a security zone on a 30-kilometer territory in the border zone. On October 15, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that American troops had left their bases in the Syrian city of Manbij. The city has completely passed under the control of Assad’s army, the Russian military police helps to patrol the territory of the Syrian forces.