OREANDA-NEWSWithdrawing American troops from Syria, US President Donald Trump plays a kind of Russian roulette, handing over the key tasks of US national security to dangerous players, reports the American media. Samantha Vainograd, an analyst with national security issues, said that while he agreed with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s wishes, Trump betrayed Kurdish allies and undermined US authority as reliable partners.

“This step also means that many of our previous main priorities, such as the fight against the Islamic State (banned in Russia) and the defense of Israel, are now in the hands of some very suspicious leaders”, the analyst said.

The media recalls that in December last year, Trump promised to withdraw American troops from Syria, but did not fulfill his promise. The United States left its contingent, mainly special forces, as part of the counter-terrorism mission in Syria. Now Washington is reducing its contingent in Syria and is transferring its counterterrorism mission to Erdogan, as well as Russia and Iran, the “two main enemies” of the United States, the author of the column notes.