OREANDA-NEWSEU leaders will not agree to the deal on Brexit, which is proposed to Brussels by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This was reported on Wednesday by Reuters, citing diplomatic sources in the EU. "This proposal won't be accepted. Johnson chose the path of confrontation with the EU", one of the agency’s interlocutors said. According to another, “the flaws are in the very essence of the proposal”, which, according to the British newspaper, Johnson over the phone informed European leaders on Tuesday.

It's expected that it will be sent in writing to Brussels and other European capitals on Wednesday after Johnson publicly announces his plan at a conservative party conference in Manchester.

Excerpts from Johnson’s speech that the newspaper published on its website on Tuesday evening indicate that London is offering the EU an alternative to the back-stop regime, which aims to ensure border transparency on the island of Ireland after Brexit. The plan, codenamed “Two Borders for Four Years,” allows for the creation of a temporary border on the Irish Sea and customs checks between the EU-leaving Northern Ireland and the remaining EU member Ireland for four years from the end of the transitional period after Brexit.

The United Kingdom was supposed to leave the EU on March 29, 2019, that is, two years after submitting a written notice of withdrawal from the community. However, members of the House of Commons of the British Parliament three times rejected the draft agreement on the conditions of Brexit, reached between Brussels and the government of Prime Minister Theresa May. As a result, the EU agreed to postpone Brexit, first to April or May, then to October 31, and May was forced to resign, failing to break the deadlock. Johnson, who replaced her, insists that the country should leave the European Union on October 31 with or without a deal.