OREANDA-NEWS. In the United States, law enforcement and intelligence officials are stepping up security measures in anticipation of possible protest actions after presidential election. This is reported by The Hill and CBS.

The risk of riots in the country was warned in an email by the National Security Integration Center. “From November 4–7, Civil Unrest is planned throughout Downtown Washington DC. LE Intelligence Agencies have monitored several messages on protesters’ social media sites stating, “If you want to throw down come to Washington DC on November 4th,” the text of the letter reads.

The Hill and CBS report that the preparations for large-scale riots are also indicated by the fact that a reinforced protective barrier has been installed around the White House in Washington.

CBS writes that security measures are being taken not only in the capital, but also in other major American cities. For example, New York authorities published guidelines for businesses to be vigilant on election day.