OREANDA-NEWS. Russian opposition politician Aleksey Navalny has recovered after coming out of a coma, The Insider, citing sources, reports. According to Der Spigel, the German police fear a new attack on the patient, so the security around him has been strengthened.

Both editions inform that Navalny’s health condition has significantly improved. According to The Insider, he managed to recall the events that preceded the coma, right up to the time when he became ill on the airplane. Doctors believe that physically the oppositionist will be able to recover at least 90 %, but mentally he has already recovered almost completely.

Der Spigel notes that Navalny can speak, and perhaps he will be able to remember the details of what happened. His statements can be dangerous for those who could organize his poisoning, the newspaper writes. Doctors allowed to let visitors to Navalny. Previously only medical men and his wife were allowed to see him.