OREANDA-NEWS Ensuring independence in the digital space is a security issue, but so far the share of software imports is still very high, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at a meeting on the development of the domestic mobile operating system.

"Ensuring proper independence in the digital space, the creation of a modern, that is, a new digital ecosystem in the country, its full protection, is, indeed, a matter of national security," the Prime Minister said. At the same time, he stressed that "this is not enough, the share of foreign products in this market is still very high."

Medvedev recalled the importance attached by the government to the development of a domestic software product. "As you know, we have adopted a national program on the digital economy, its funding is significant - until 2024, the amount of funding will exceed 1.8 trillion. rubles, the amount is very significant, but also large - scale tasks", - said the Head of government, stressing that we are talking about the technological development of the country.

The Prime Minister warned about the risks that arise in connection with digitalization. "In this regard, we need to actively develop our own software," he said, Recalling that Russian programmers are considered to be among the most talented in the world and compete with foreign developers. - Russian programmers produce software, which in its technical characteristics is often not inferior to foreign analogues". However, according to Medvedev, the share of Russian software in any comparison does not go with imported. He urged to change this situation.

The Prime Minister also noted that the share of Russian software in state structures by 2024 should exceed 90%, in state - owned companies-70%.

"There are some figures that we are guided by, I mean the share of the Russian software product in the state structures," he said. - By 2024, this figure should exceed 90%, and in state-owned companies to be at least 70%".

According to the Prime Minister, the problem of import substitution in a number of industries is being solved successfully. "Now this task needs to be solved in the field of information technology, for this we will stimulate the development of domestic software in the Federal project of the program "Digital economy", which is dedicated to information security," he said, Recalling the plans to create support mechanisms for developers of domestic software. Medvedev assured that money for these purposes in the Federal budget is provided.

"I want to draw attention to another point, so that my words were not interpreted flatly: a separate path to the digital world, of course, no country. It's obvious. The fact that we are creating an alternative to a foreign product does not mean that we are going to take the path of self-isolation here. It is simply impossible, and most importantly - impractical," - said the Prime Minister.

Nevertheless, he pointed to the need to maintain a balance of interests and guarantee the protection of information "especially in those sensitive areas where we periodically, and even constantly trying to put a spoke in the wheel." He stated that it was necessary to guarantee this protection both on a state-wide basis and in the case of any person using modern devices. The Prime Minister paid special attention to the need to ensure the security of commercial information in order to preserve the foundations of business competitiveness.