OREANDA-NEWS. German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that the United Nations needs to be reformed for further development and search for answers to modern challenges. According to the politician, now the UN Security Council often finds itself at an impasse in resolving this or that issues.

Merkel noted that the UN must develop further in order to be able to respond to the global challenges of the XXI century. Germany is ready, as before, to assume responsibility in an expanded Security Council.

The Chancellor also stated that the effectiveness of the UN depends on unity of the organization’s members. Merkel recalled that important decisions are often blocked in the UN Security Council, and called on to do everything to find common and effective answers to the situations in Libya and Syria.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke about the need for UN reform. According to him, outdated structures cannot cope with modern challenges. For today’s interconnected world, we need a reformed multilateral approach that reflects today’s realities, Modi explained.