OREANDA-NEWS. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the need to produce of coronavirus vaccines for EU countries on European territory. Speaking on Thursday, March 25, with a government statement in the Bundestag before the EU summit, the head of the German government, in particular, pointed out, that the UK produces vaccines against COVID-19 for it's own population on it's territory, and the United States does not export drugs. Therefore, success in overcoming the crisis in Europe in the long term depends on how much of the vaccine it can produce at it's facilities, Merkel stressed.

Merkel also pointed out, that not only 90-year-olds, but also «50-, 60- and 70-year-olds» are now at risk to get into intensive care units. Also, the head of the German Cabinet of Ministers referred to the estimates of experts who believe, that the long-term consequences of the disease will appear in about 10% of those infected. «This means, that it is worth fighting for each individual person, trying to prevent their infection», Merkel said, and called this a joint task of all citizens for the coming weeks.

At the same time, she stressed the need to provide coronavirus vaccines around the world. Otherwise, humanity will face more and more mutations of the virus, the head of government noted.