OREANDA-NEWS. Poland and Lithuania were asked to reduce the number of diplomats in Belarus to 18 and 14, respectively, by October 9. This was announced on Friday by the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Anatoly Glaz.

“In view of the unambiguous destructive activity on the part of these countries, they were offered to bring the composition of their diplomatic missions in Belarus to parity with Belarusian foreign missions in the respective countries by October 9,” ​​the politician explained. Thus, according to him, 14 diplomats should remain in the Lithuanian Embassy instead of 25, in the Polish Embassy 18 instead of 50.

The ambassadors of Belarus to Warsaw and Vilnius have been recalled to Minsk for consultations since October 5. “The ambassadors of Poland and Lithuania in Belarus were accordingly invited to follow this example,” Glaz said.