OREANDA-NEWS. Montenegro will not change its foreign policy, including the attitude towards the issue of NATO membership, after the victory of the opposition in the parliamentary election held on August 30. This was claimed by Dritan Abazovic, the leader of the opposition coalition Black on White.

Being asked whether Montenegro would maintain its position on NATO membership, Abazovic replied that “there will be no change in foreign policy.” “These are our international obligations. We cannot build a serious state and behave frivolously in international politics. This will not happen when it touches upon our coalition. This issue is more frequently raised in Montenegro than in the international community. There are no changes in foreign course, only improvements in the foreign policy segment,” the politician explained.

Montenegro officially became NATO’s 29th member on June 5, 2017. Despite mass protests of the population, in April of the same year, the unicameral parliament of Montenegro voted for the country’s entry into the alliance. 46 out of 81 deputies supported this decision.