OREANDA-NEWS The Levada Center poll showed that the majority of Russians (68%) approve of the activities of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In April and May, this figure was 66%, at the beginning of the year - 64%. 31% of respondents hold the opposite opinion, 1 pp less than a month earlier.

With the approval of Dmitry Medvedev’s activities as prime minister, the situation is exactly the opposite: the majority of citizens are dissatisfied with his work (62%), while only 36% approve. A little more (43%) of respondents support the work of the government, 55% do not approve. At the same time, the activity of the State Duma is positively evaluated by 38% of respondents, negatively by 59%. As for the approval of the activities of the Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, this figure peaked from the beginning of the year - 63%. Another 34% of citizens are dissatisfied with his work.

Sociologists say that the number of Russians remains high (41%), who believe that the country is developing in the wrong direction, 48% of respondents are satisfied with the course of the state's movement.