OREANDA-NEWS  Specialists of the NATO Defense College studied Russia's policy in the Naval Sphere and the state of the country's fleet. In a report published in January 2019, the possibilities of the latter were called unprecedented.

The Russian Navy, said NATO expert and British analyst Richard Connolly, increased its capacity after the deployment of cruise missiles "Caliber". "Greater flexibility" fleet, according to the author of the report, gave the use of these long-range missile systems.

"The Russian Navy now has unprecedented opportunities to inflict non-strategic strikes on ground targets using nuclear and conventional weapons," the material stresses.

According to the expert, the Russian fleet in modern conditions has more opportunities for operations against targets in enemy territory than the Soviet fleet of the period 1956-1985.

Connolly added that NATO should pay more attention to the Russian Navy's armament with long-range and high-precision missiles.

As explained by the Head of the Bureau of military and political analysis Alexander Mikhailov, Russian "Calibers" exceed the range of their main competitors — American missiles Tomahawk. Domestic missiles are able to hit the target at a distance of about two thousand kilometers, which allows ships not to move over long distances.

Richard Connolly, analyzing the Russian "Fundamentals of state policy in the field of naval activities for the period up to 2030", approved by the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, noted that the country's authorities have formed for the Navy "realistic tasks". Moscow stakes, he added, in many ways not on the construction of large ships, but on missile forces. This fact will allow Russia to maintain the position of the second most powerful Maritime power