OREANDA-NEWS. Russian opposition leader Alekser Navalny called on European countries to impose sanctions against the oligarchs and the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and not the entire country. According to Navalny, it is ineffective to introduce restrictive measures against the entire state.

The European Union is considering the possibility of imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation due to the possible poisoning of Navalny.

The journalist asked Navalny what he would advise German Chancellor Angela Merkel to do in connection with the current situation. “They kill people because they want to stay in power. They steal money, steal billions, and on weekends they fly to Berlin or London, buy expensive apartments and sit in cafes. Sanctions against the entire country do not work. The most important thing is to impose travel bans on those who profit from the regime and freeze their assets. I mean oligarchs and high-ranking officials, Putin’s inner circle,” Navalny said during an interview with the German newspaper Bild.