OREANDA-NEWS. Russian opposition politician Aleksey Navalny was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. This was reported by Sergey Erofeev, professor at Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA), on his Facebook page.

According to the scientist, the nomination process began “a number of professors from recognized universities engaged in Russia.” He also added that among the supporters of the idea there are those who previously had a negative attitude towards the activities of Navalny, but now they have changed their minds.

In a comment to the television channel Dozhd, Erofeev said that the idea of ​​nominating Navalny for the Nobel Peace Prize is not new, but in connection with recent events (alleged poisoning of the politician and the aggravation in relations between Western countries and Russia connected to it), it has become especially relevant. Erofeev did not name professors who took part in the initiative, but assured that there are “great people” among them.