OREANDA-NEWS. Alexei Navalny promised to help Russians who are fired because of participation in opposition rallies. The politician wrote on his website, that this is not just outrageous, but discrimination with the use of official position.

This is how Navalny reacted to Russian media reports, that the Moscow Metro has started mass layoffs. At least 40 people turned to the chairman of the independent trade union of the Moscow metro and said, that they were offered to resign at their own request. And if they do not agree — they are fired under the article for absenteeism.

According to the opposition politician, some of the leadership in a private conversation said so directly: you were fired for supporting Navalny. Someone went to the rally on April 21. Someone registered on the website «Freedom to Navalny!», and then their email addresses were leaked to the network. And according to the deputy of the Moscow City Duma Mikhail Timonov, even those whose closest relatives were in the base of Navalny's supporters were included in the lists for dismissal.

«We consider it our duty to help those who have suffered because of their own indifference», wrote Navalny. The politician said, that he will provide legal assistance to anyone who has been fired or is being threatened with dismissal for supporting Russian opposition. «And if the court does not take the side of the law, we will help you to apply to the ECHR», noticed Navalny.