OREANDA-NEWS. Moldovan MP Stefan Gatcan, who was elected from the Party of Socialists led by President Igor Dodon, announced that he joins the opposition group Pro Moldova. As a result, the opposition became a majority in the country’s parliament, gaining 52 out of 101 seats.

Gatcan explained his decision by the fact that the socialists were not able to save Moldova from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Earlier, several more deputies left the parliamentary coalition, consisting of socialists and democrats. Thus, if the opposition forces (Pro Moldova, the parties Sor, Action and Solidarity, and Dignity and Truth Platform) will unite, they can resign the government of Ion Chicu. This is sought, in particular, by Pro Moldova and Sor factions. “The current coalition, led by Igor Dodon, no longer has the moral or legal right to continue the leadership of the Republic of Moldova,” the anti-government bloc said in a statement.