OREANDA-NEWS. On September 9, the leaders of the three opposition blocs in Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapic (For the Future of Montenegro), Aleksa Becic (Peace Is Our Nation) and Dritan Abazovic (In Black and White), signed a coalition agreement to form a new government.

“The new government will responsibly fulfil its international obligations, fight against corruption and crime,” Krivokapic said after the document was signed.

The leaders of the victorious opposition noted that the priorities of the new cabinet of ministers will also be “overcoming the economic crisis, depoliticizing the key institutions of power and moving along the path of joining the European Union.”

According to preliminary data, the previously ruling bloc of the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro receives 30 seats in parliament, while For the Future of Montenegro’s bloc gains 27 seats, Peace Is Our Nation’s 10, and In Black and White’s 4 seats, which provides for the opposition coalition’s majority.