OREANDA-NEWS. The newspaper El Pais with reference to the data of the medical care service reported that during the disturbances in the settlements of Spanish community Catalonia, the number of victims amounted to about 125 people.

On October 15 and on the night of October 16, 125 injured persons appealed for help of emergency medical care. It was emphasized in the publication that none of the cases was serious. At least 75 security officials were injured: 57 employees of the autonomous police of Catalonia named Mossos de Escuadra and 18 employees of the National Police. Previously it was reported about 131 injured during the protests.

Due to disturbances, air traffic was disrupted: about a hundred regular flights at Barcelona airport were canceled.

According to the newspaper, law enforcement authorities’ officers detained 51 people in Catalonia, 29 were arrested in the capital of the community Barcelona.

The protests are taking place against the fact that the Supreme Court of Spain sentenced nine former members of the leadership of Catalonia to long terms of imprisonment (from 9 to 13 years) and heavy fines. The charges were related with an attempt to separate the region from Spain. All convicts were involved in the organization of the referendum on independence, which was held in Catalonia in 2017. Politicians were accused of incitement to rebellion and misuse of public funds.

On October 1, 2017, 90.18 % of the Catalans voted for independence in the referendum, 7.83 % voted against it. The turnout was 43.03 % (2.87 million people). Spanish authorities consider the referendum to be illegal.