OREANDA-NEWS. If Russia leaves the Council of Europe, the country's withdrawal from the main conventions of the organization should be expected. This opinion was expressed by the permanent representative Ivan Soltanovsky.

Soltanovsky said in an interview with Nezavisimaya Gazeta: “As I said, the CE has over 200 conventions and additional protocols in its arsenal. Russia joined 68 of them. These tools work in the interests of our country and its citizens. Leaving an organization will lead to exiting conventions - this is an automatic process. The European Convention on Human Rights in this case will not be an exception. "

The permanent representative also added that "we will have to forget" about Moscow's participation in partial agreements of the Council of Europe. These are agreements to combat corruption and co-production of films.

In addition, Soltanovsky commented on the statement of the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma and the head of the Russian delegation to PACE, Pyotr Tolstoy, that the country should prepare for secession from the Council of Europe.

"It is important not to forget the main principle of the separation of powers in the Russian Federation, which gives parliamentarians special powers - to represent our people. Parliamentary diplomacy is an essential element for promoting Russian interests. In this regard, it is much easier for them to speak frankly on the most complex and seemingly insoluble issues. ", - he explained.