OREANDA-NEWS. Poland decided to extend the closure of its borders in connection with the coronavirus epidemic till June 12.

This was announced by the country’s Ministry of the Interior. “Border control on the internal and external borders with EU countries has been extended for another 30 days, till June 12,” the report says.

The agency noted that currently, the border can be crossed only in designated areas. The Ministry reminded that the internal border can be crossed in 42 places on land. 18 of them are bordering with the Czech Republic, 5 with Slovakia, 16 with Germany, and 3 with Lithuania. Control is also carried out at 4 seaports and at 17 airports. It is mentioned that Polish citizens are allowed to enter Poland, as well as foreigners who are spouses or children of citizens, those who are under their permanent guardianship, foreigners with a residence permit, diplomats, and members of their families.