OREANDA-NEWS "United Russia" introduced ethical standards to the members of the party. United Russia must be prevented from degrading remarks, to behave modestly and with restraint, to fulfill the promises and to struggle with attempts of falsification of history.

The list of ethical standards for party members was announced on Friday at the Congress by state Duma Deputy Andrei Krasov as part of the discussion platform "Update".

Ethical norms are obligatory for all members of the party. They are based on the proposals of the participants of the regional discussions "Update-2018", which preceded the Congress.

"At the heart of the behavior of any public policy should be respectful, attentive to people, their problems, from this approach and follows the principle of personal modesty. There should be a responsibility to the voters for these promises, and the demand from the representative of the party is always greater than from any other person," Krasov said.

According to the set of rules, each member of United Russia must "treat people and their problems with respect and attention, help them to protect their rights, restore justice, and overcome difficult life situations."

United Russia should "exclude actions and statements that may lead to infringement of human rights and freedoms, be responsible for the spoken word, and prevent statements that humiliate people".

In addition, members of the party should be "intolerant of attempts to revise and distort the history of Russia, to trample on its traditions and spiritual values of our peoples." They should adhere to the principle of personal modesty and restraint in public conduct and, in response to public accusations of unlawful or immoral acts, should publicly defend their honour, dignity and reputation by all legal means.

"If the charges of crimes or misdemeanors are true and discredit the party, immediately resign from all party positions," the code of ethics says.

Party members are also instructed to openly Express and defend their position during the party discussion, and after the final decision to adhere to the collegial party position.