OREANDA-NEWS. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that Washington intends to respond with sanctions to China and Russia if they refuse to comply with the restored sanctions regime against Iran. “We have already done that, where we have seen any country violate… the current American sanctions, we’ve held every nation accountable for that. We’ll do the same thing with respect to the broader UN Security Council sanctions as well,” the politician said.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump announced the renewal of sanctions against Iran. It is noted that the restrictions will include a ban on uranium enrichment for Tehran, as well as an extension of the embargo on arms supplies for a period of 13 years.

In the coming days, Pompeo will visit the United Nations headquarters in New York and notify the Security Council of the return of restrictions. The sanctions will take effect 30 days after the notification the Council.

However, on August 14, the UN Security Council rejected the resolution of the USA to extend the arms embargo.