OREANDA-NEWS. The President of Belorussia Alexander Lukashenko proposed to the Ukrainian leader Volodymir Zelensky to cooperate in the missile production and create joint ventures in this sphere.

“We are working a lot on the development of the missile industry in Belorussia. We did not have such a production, but you have it. We are greatly interested in your help in this matter,” Lukashenko said. If the Ukrainians agree to help, the joint project can be implemented in one and a half to two years, he added. “If not, four to five years,” the politician resumed.

He also noted that the Belorussians are ready to invest and create joint ventures in Ukraine in civilian areas, such as the automotive industry, tractor and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing and so on. “We are ready right up to entering the capital of these enterprises,” the Belorussian leader concluded.

In late September, Lukashenko announced this initiative to implement joint projects in the sphere of missile production. According to him, Minsk began to develop a new missile, but there is a lack of competent and experienced specialists. He also noted that the country is not going to build intercontinental missiles.

The President of Belorussia mentioned that he had proposed the same to the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The answer was that the project is profitable and the work on it will be carried out. “But there is still no work,” Lukashenko said with regret.

Last year, he stated that the world has a very high demand for smart precision weapons and especially for the means to combat them. “Therefore, it is necessary to develop these schools, centers, factories to provide themselves with highly effective defense weapons and offer them to other nations,” the head of Belorussia said.