OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky considers it possible to hold talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the Vatican.

«The Vatican is really an ideal place for a dialogue about peace. The Holy See is a global moral authority, that always effectively acts as a mediator, since it is impartial and commands the trust of all parties to the conflict. This is the reason why the Apostolic Capital has often been used in history to resolve conflicts between states and develop a peaceful future», Zelensky explained his point of view in an interview with the Italian newspaper «La Repubblica», published on Wednesday, April 28.

«The Vatican is different from other world players: it remains an exclusively moral force and always acts in a disinterested way, without having military-political or economic interests. Such an authoritative mediator could bring the trust that has been lacking so far in our attempts to reach an agreement», the Ukrainian president added. The text of the interview with Zelensky is posted on the official website of the President of Ukraine.

In April, Zelensky invited Putin to meet «anywhere in the Ukrainian Donbas where there is a war» and the Russian president in response offered to hold a meeting in Moscow. On April 26, Zelensky instructed his office to begin preparations for the summit.