OREANDA-NEWS. In the next 10–12 days, the Moldovan government should work on the draft state budget so that the country’s parliament can approve it in the final reading, therefore there is no question of resignation yet. This was announced on December 7 by Moldovan Prime Minister Ion Chicu after a weekly meeting with the incumbent President Igor Dodon and parliament speaker Zinaida Greceanii.

“The government currently has a moral obligation to society to adopt budget and tax laws, otherwise from February the country will face difficulties with paying salaries and pensions. This is a moral duty and the main task of the cabinet of ministers, and we will fulfill it,” Chicu said. He added that in the next 10–12 days it is necessary to adopt the draft state budget, and after that all politicians in the country “will have to be responsible and do what society asks.”

In addition, the Moldovan Prime Minister expressed the hope that parliamentarians “put politics aside” and concentrate on the adoption of the state budget.