OREANDA-NEWS  Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova in an interview expressed the opinion that Russia and the world community should pay more attention to helping women who are in prison or left without a certain place of residence.

According to her opinion, the Russian system of protection of women's rights is developing progressively.

"The national strategy for women until 2020 has become a great impetus, which has provided a set of measures aimed at protecting women's health, protection from violence. It seems to me that this strategy lacks the protection of women who are in a difficult situation," Moskalkova said.

She explained that if a woman falls out of society in connection with the Commission of a crime or due to the fact that she was left without housing and was without a certain place of residence, few people protect her. "Unfortunately, there are no special programs to help women without a certain place of residence, women who are dependent on drugs, alcohol or computer games," the Ombudsman said.

Moskalkova is sure that Russia today "is ready at all levels not only to pick up the initiatives of the world community, but also to offer these initiatives to the world community." "And it seems to me that within the framework of the UN international document, which is called "sustainable development Goals", it is very important to highlight this category of women in those tasks that concern women," she stressed.

According to the Ombudsman, in 2018 she received more than 15 thousand complaints from women. "440 of them are connected with the violation of the rights of women directly related to motherhood, childhood," — said Tatiana Moskalkova. Another 373 complaints related to violations of the rights of women mothers, protection of the family, motherhood and childhood. There are also 34 complaints related to birth and child care benefits.