OREANDA-NEWS. Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that majority of citizens share the view that the proposed amendments should be included in the Constitution of the country. This was announced by the head of state during celebration on Poklonnaya Hill in honour of the Day of Russia on June 12.

The politician noted that the memory of the ancestors who defended the freedom and independence of the fatherland is holy for all generations of the entire multinational people of the country. For Russians, respect for a working man, centuries-old history, traditions and culture, family is unconditional, as love for the native land and the inviolability of the borders of the state, Putin said. “These are the foundations that determine the nature and fate of our people, the development of the country today and in the future. And therefore, it is logical that so often proposals were made to introduce these fundamental, basic principles into the Constitution of Russia. I am convinced that the absolute majority of our citizens share and support this position,” the President said.

Putin proposed a package of amendments to the country’s Constitution in a message to the Federal Assembly on January 15.