OREANDA-NEWS. Russian President Vladimir Putin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Media report that writer Sergey Komkov sent an application to the Oslo-based Nobel Committee on September 9. In accordance with the rules of the Committee, members of the government, deputies of national parliaments, representatives of international courts, university professors, heads of institutions of international politics, as well as former winners of the prize can nominate this or that person.

The full list of Nobel Peace Prize nominees is usually not disclosed. Thanks to a wide list of people who can do this, hundreds of politicians, public figures and various organizations apply for the award every year. For example, it is known that this year US President Donald Trump and Belarusian oppositionists Siarhey and Sviatlana Tsikhanousky has already been nominated for the Peace Prize.

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov found it difficult to answer a question regarding the nomination of Putin for the award. “Totally different people are nominated for the Nobel Prize. This is the initiative of those who nominate. In this case, it is a writer. If the decision is made, it would be great; if not made, also great. It is difficult to say anything else about this,” Peskov said.