OREANDA-NEWS. Russia is worried about the build-up of NATO's infrastructure near its borders, as well as the fact that the alliance refuses to substantively consider Moscow's proposals. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin.

“We hope that common sense and the desire to develop constructive relations with us will eventually prevail,” he said in his greeting to the participants of the Ninth Moscow Conference on International Security.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in turn, noted that NATO has become a global military-political alliance, which pursues one goal - to contain Russia and China. According to him, a tendency towards military confrontation has taken hold in Europe, there are constant exercises that destabilize the situation at the Russian borders.

Thus, the minister added, the alliance is working out routes for the operational transfer of troops to areas near the Union State. On the eastern borders, the threat is posed by the deployment of American medium-range missiles in Asia. Shoigu recalled that after the US withdrawn from the treaty on the elimination of such weapons (INF Treaty), there are no restrictions in this regard.

Moscow is also concerned about the alliance's exercises in the Black Sea. In particular, the Ukrainian-American exercises Sea Breeze, scheduled for June-July. The Russian Embassy in the United States believes that the maneuvers increase the risks of unintentional incidents in the Black Sea area, so they need to be abandoned. The Russian Foreign Ministry adheres to the same position.

In turn, the official representative of the Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov said that under the cover of Sea Breeze, NATO will supply Ukraine with modern weapons, which will later be given to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and battalions of nationalists in Donbass.