OREANDA-NEWS. The British authorities suspect Russian hackers of getting illegal access to the e-mail of the former Secretary of State for International Trade, Liam Fox, and stealing secret documents. This is reported by Reuters agency, citing anonymous sources.

Cyber attacks were conducted before the parliamentary elections in 2019. According to the publication, hackers have stolen documents on trade negotiations between the United Kingdom and the United States. Several attacks on Fox’s mailbox were registered between July 12 and October 21, 2019. Agency’s interlocutors declined to name which group carried out the hacking, but said there were signs of ties to Russia.

A representative of the British parliament told Reuters that an investigation is underway into the hacking mail and document theft.

These are the documents that the head of the British Foreign Office, Dominic Raab, spoke about in mid-July. According to him, unknown people tried to influence the election results by publishing secret documents on the social network Reddit.